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Fujian Joyace Stone Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. The headquarter is located in Shuitou Town, Nan’an City, Fujian Province which is the largest stone Production, Processing, Trade and Distribution Center in China, also named “China Building Materials Town” and “China Stone City”. We sole proprietorship own slabs, engineering tiles, thin tiles fine processing factories that covers an area about 30,000Two large scale Slab Sales Markets for good quality Wooden Marble with on-site storage capacity over 180,000 and a block trade center with storage capacity over 35,000tons. Company has several divisions: Mining, Slab Processing, Project Operation Center and Slabs Sales Markets, etc. We are an integrated company contains the manufacture, processing and marketing of big slabs and engineering cut-to-size tiles.

Joyace Stone strives to create the classic projects at home and abroad, Xiamen T4 Terminal, Xiamen Paragon International, Beijing Dongcheng District People's Procuratorate, Beijing Langhao Hotel, Nantong Municipal Affairs Center, Hongxing Erke Xiang'an Industrial Park. The persistence in quality has made Joyace Stone widely trusted by customers, and its products are exported to home and abroad. It is the wooden grain preferred supplier of the three major building materials suppliers in the United States, Australia, and the top 100 housing companies in China and received the common trust of hundreds of import and export companies in Xiamen, Foshan, Shanghai, Doha, Dubai, etc.

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